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Transparent LED maximum impact

Livesignages has tied up with Nexnovo the inventer of Transparent LED


See the difference transparency makes

ClearLED displays offer unparalleled transparency (55% to 93%). Traditional LED window displays act as a dark wall, so shoppers can’t see in, and they block sunlight, so your indoor areas need to rely on unnatural lighting. ClearLED displays are virtually unnoticeable, from five meters and more away, and offer your interior space the best of both words: displays that let natural sunlight filter inside, while allowing outside passers-by to see in.


Brighter than bright—see it from further away

With up to 6000nits in brightness, our transparent LED displays are visible 24/7, from a great distance, and even in bright daylight, and beat traditional LED displays, projectors, and LCD displays. Our modular digital transparent LED signs are ideal for advertising and media architectural facades. We guarantee our transparent LED display solutions are the most cost-effective way to achieve the highest quality luminance, so you get noticed.


Modular design—build the size you need

ClearLED Posters are available in three standard sizes (42”, 55”, and 63”). ClearLED Wall displays come in standard size modules (1000mm x 500mm x 30mm/39.37" x 19.685" x 1.18" and 960mm x 480mm x30mm/37.395" x 18.897" x 1.18") and can be used to create small, medium, large, and even extra-large LED screens—there are no size limitations. And no matter what size you build, the high quality brightness, high resolution, and transparency remain intact. The lightweight aluminum module frames are perfectly engineered to ensure perfect alignment as your digital LED sign is assembled.


Feel the difference—lightweight and compact

Designed with efficiency and functionality in mind, ClearLED displays are constructed using lightweight engineered aluminum and proprietary LED technology. This means our display modules weigh as little as 10 kilograms per square meter, making them highly cost efficient to transport and easier and safer to assemble.


Energy efficient, longer lifetime, and robust

Transparent LED displays offer one of the highest energy consumption savings of any digital signage on the market today—over incandescent light sources, LCD projection, and traditional non-transparent LED displays. ClearLED display signs have many additional advantages, including longer lifetime, improved physical robustness, smaller size, faster switching, and are so bright they get noticed even in full daylight.


Unbeatable pixel pitch—the highest density for the highest resolution

Select the right pixel pitch for your display—from 3x6mm pixel up to 25x25mm pixel. Our super high-density pixel pitch means sharper, more attractive, and noticeable imagery on your transparent display screen.


Outstanding appearance—simple and sleek

ClearLED  transparent LED display modules have been designed to take up the minimum of space, yet deliver maximum impact. The support frames are simple, lightweight, and elegantly constructed, making your displays clean and unobtrusive—even the noise-free power box is hidden within the display support frames.


Easy setup and installation

Set up your ClearLED Poster transparent LED screen effortlessly all by yourself. Larger custom LED video wall installations (ClearLED Wall, Curved, and Cylinder) may require the support of one of our trusted ClearLED partners—but either way our modular panels snap together easily without the need of complicated tools. Power supplies are built into the supporting frame, which make it easier and faster to install, and displays can be hung or mounted. You’ll find that setup time is amazingly quick.


Low touch—easy to maintain

Your ClearLED transparent LED display requires minimal maintenance—LED strips have a long life expectancy and can be replaced quickly and easily when needed without the need to replace the entire module. With repairs done in minutes and at a very low-cost, your digital LED sign will last for years.


Updates made easy—when you want them

Programming updates to your transparent ClearLED display screen (static and video) are simple. For portable ClearLED Poster displays, you can program your LED display directly from your computer, and for larger, custom LED displays (e.g., ClearLED Wall, Curved, or Cylinder) our control system unit, connected to your computer, allows you to make changes when you want. An intuitive software interface makes it easy for you to update displays in real time, remotely, or program in advance, so your sign is always up-to-date.

Transparent LED
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